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Find A Sponsor


Find A Sponsor

Foreign entrepreneurs in Dubai get the comfort of doing business by collaborating with UAE nationals as business partners. The UAE Civil law and Commercial Companies law necessitates the participation of a local sponsor in the UAE mainland company formation.

That is, for a mainland business, an expat business owner needs a UAE national sponsor. The local sponsor is either a UAE national or a company fully owned by UAE nationals. The local sponsor may also serve as an LSA or a Local service agent. The foreign company is required to pay a yearly fee for the services offered by the local service agent.

The term UAE national sponsor refers to a patron of UAE citizenship (Emirati) with a family membership card and a valid Dubai passport. The UAE national sponsor or local sponsor owns 51% of the total shares of the company in Mainland LLC company formation and it is mandatory. However, this is not applicable for Professional companies and Representative Office setup in UAE. The foreign or expat investors have 100% ownership of the company in the case of Professional or Representative Office set up.